Universeum: a meeting with sharks, apes and dinosaurs

Today I was in the Universeum. It is an incredible place, just in a couple of minutes walking from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Gothenburg.  When you just start your journey at the Universeum, you will definitely admit that the advertising brochure is telling plain truth labeling Universeum as the Scandinavia’s largest science park. Probably if someone hears the words “science park”, the first associations that came to the one’s mind are a tiresome place, nerds and a library’s silence. However, it is definitely not about Universeum. It is the place for adventures and to the meeting  nature, which might be interested for people of all ages.

I can’t write about everything you can find there, and there is no even need to do it. It is always better to explore something with your own hands than to read or observe how others do it. And that’s why I just would like to share with you some of my favorite places in Universeum.

At first, there is the Scandinavia’s biggest aquarium in Universeum. And the doubtless stars of any aquariums are sharks. There are quite a few different types of sharks. Slowly moving and detached from visitors by the special thick glass sharks looking calm and peaceful. Hundreds of colored fishes follow them without any sort of fear.  But a quite in the sea-world is a wrong impression. Today, luckily, I was watching shark feeding, and it was spectacular. Specially prepared fish has been got down to the aquarium. Hungry sharks felt the bleeding fish, have turned from peaceful sea-citizens into dangerous predators. They were fighting with each other to get the best fish. We were observing wordless.

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Another place I love the most is the “rain forest” with lovely apes. I am not sure if it is correct way to call them as apes, but anyway, they are amazing. They might jump out to the path you following as if from nowhere.  But they are very friendly. I like to talk with them, and they usually look at me with an unconcealed curiosity.  In the information board I have read that they used to live in the rain forests of Amazonia. And I’ve tried to address to the apes a few phrases on Portuguese I know. Not sure that it worked out better than Russian, English or Swedish, but it was already a small crowd looking at our communication with each other, and I continue journey.

And the thing that I cannot miss in my post is of course dinosaurs. The exhibition about ancient giants places on the roof-floor. While entering the hall I was very excited to face my childhood passion.  Even if my lovely and placid childhood is over many years ago, I still feel so touching to be there. But I will say no more word; it’s up to you to go there.

Universeum is a place where science became interesting and adventures are waiting for you round every corner. And if a curious child is still live somewhere in the depth of your soul, Universem is the best choice to spend spare time between hard studies.

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