Pre-party, Trädgår’n Nightclub, and upcoming event!

This week I had my first taste of Gothenburg nightlife!

Pre party with some cool French, Swedish, German, and Austrian people! In Olofshöjd, a student accommodation minutes away from the heart of Gothenburg.

I started with a “Pre-party.” In Sweden, it is extremely typical to have a meeting place with your friends  and have a few drinks prior to going out to the final destination. This is mostly due to the extremely high cost for alcohol in Sweden. I believe this is because Sweden is a health-focused society, so to reduce alcohol related health risks, they have really high taxes.

Then we made our way to Trädgår’n Nightclub, where Icona Pop, Panetoz and Freekok played on stage. Students also got a free burger and soda compliments of the “International Corner.”


We danced, listened to great music, ate free food, and had some great laughs. I will certainly be doing that again. After all my homework is done of course. 😉

Missed out on this event? Don’t be left out next time, and book your tickets to the “International party of the semester!” (Sat. September 29.) I know I already did. See you there!

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