Vietnamese dinner with course-mates in Kungälv

Photo by Sanna Ramfors
Photo by Sanna Ramfors

Friday evening is a special time in Sweden. Hard working/studying week is almost over and it’s a time to relax a bit. The course I’m study with is a unique mix of people from 25 different countries. And it’s always interesting to know more about cultures and lifestyle. Let’s call it a sort of positive diversity. Anyway, yesterday, thanks to my dear course-mate Tam Luong, I’ve been invited for a Vietnamese dinner to her hospitable house in Kungälv. It was an amazing evening with my friends and terrific exotic food.

Kungälv is a small town not so far from Göthenburg. There is just around half an hour by Grön express bus from city center, or 20 minutes by car – and you are in already in a cozy and nice Kungälv.  The city is full of two-three-floor-high lovely houses and with a gorgeous Medieval fortress attracting tourists with its ancient beauty.  Interesting fact that some historical sources let claim that in the beginning of 1100-years Kungälv at some point was capital of Norway (!). Generally said, current West coast of Sweden is a point of memory of the controversial history between Scandinavian “Three crowns” (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) in the Middle Ages.

Anyway, the evening wasn’t an excursus to the history, but was about terrific Vietnamese culture and cuisine. To be honest I can’t repeat any names of all dishes we had yesterday. The great point that all food were home-made and tasted delicious. All people who will try Southeast-Asian cuisine should know that there are traditionally a lot of spices, what makes it so different from for example Russian cuisine.  In the beginning I felt that I’m looking so awkward trying to catch rice with chopsticks, but after a few failures the rice-paper wraps I made myself weren’t looking so ugly as it was before. May be one day I even will become a master of rice-paper wraps.

But all good things come to an end, and our evening was over. But I will keep in my memory the great Vietnamese hospitality and the taste of Southeast-Asian cuisine.  The more you know deeper another cultures the more clear for you, that one the one hand we are so different, while on the other – so surprisingly similar.

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