A Star is Born!

When I decided to leave my country to study away I knew that I was going to live a lot of new experiences, but I never imagined that they would be so many and so soon.

Since I’m here in Sweden I feel like a celebrity. In the Welcome Week, even before school started, I did a TV interview for the University of Gothenburg website. It was the first time I was in front of a television camera, and also speaking English. At the After all I could control my nerves and I think I did quite well. It was simply an interview in which they asked me very basic things related to my studies here at the University of Gothenburg.

Two weeks after this first contact with the fame, yesterday I felt the same. A friend told me that the university was looking for “GU-models” for a photo shoot to be used on their website, in printed material and for marketing. In return, students who participate will get two free tickets to go to cinema. As I have come to Sweden to participate in everything, of course I decided to participate in this too. In exchange for an hour of my time, now I have two cinema tickets valued in 200 SEK.

My advice to all those students who choose to come here to study in the future is to do like me, and let their shame in their home countries. In this way they will have a full experience here.

So if you see my face soon on TV or in the website of the University of Gothenburg or in a brochure, do not be surprised, it’s just that A STAR IS BORN hahahaha.

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