Learning Swedish

I have been studying Swedish for about 6 months now through SFI or Swedish for Immigrants. My journey with learning Swedish is still ongoing. And being a girl that can only speak english, learning this new language certainly has had its highs and lows, but I have had some breakthrough moments. For example:

ImageWhen the cable guy called my phone. He asked if he could speak to my boyfriend, who at the time was not home. I understood everything he was saying, and responded that he could leave a message with me and I would relay it to my boyfriend. When I hung up, I realized I had just done all of that…in Swedish!

ImageOn my first day of school I met some Swedish students in my class. When I decided I had nothing to lose I tried speaking Swedish with them. Amazingly, I held an entire conversation with them! I now have new Swedish friends, which is rather difficult to accomplish because Swede’s are quite shy.

ImageMy proudest moment was my first “Swedish” shopping experience. I had just learned how to say, “how much does this cost?” “Does this come in red?” and “Do you have this in a smaller size?” My accent obviously was foreign to the sales clerk, but she was very nice and helpful when she saw I was trying to speak her language. And I got some great new clothes.

If you are interested in learning Swedish I suggest you go for it! There are courses offered right here at the University! Swede’s are really good people, but quite shy. I read one article about a man who immigrated to Sweden and is now a successful chef here. He said, “If you want to laugh with the people, you must speak the same language”… couldn’t have said it better. It feels great to finally laugh.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments below. I’m happy to help.

3 thoughts on “Learning Swedish

  1. Hello Devin!
    I could not agree with you more!How do you register for this SFI courses and is there anything in particular that they need from you?
    How big is your class?

    1. You must contact Gothenburg kommun
      And they will need a “Personbevis” from you. You order it through Skatteverket here.
      And there are about 15 people in my class now, but it depends on which school you go to. There are several SFI campuses around GBG. Lycka till!

    2. And keep in mind that usual time in a list for SFI is around 6 month. But it depends, someone receive invitation just after 2-3 month, but I have some friends who are waiting for the offer almost 1 year.

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