Gothenburg University…Campus tour

When I was applying to this school I was really curious to see what my campus and classrooms would look like. After all, I will be spending the majority of my next two years there!

Between a group meeting and class lecture I took the time to take a few snapshots of my school. I feel the atmosphere here is very modern and cool. Basically, everything looks like an IKEA catalog. And in the USA, IKEA is super trendy and fun, so immediately I am in a good mood when I arrive at school.

Some differences from my new Swedish school versus my Florida school are…

  • My new campus is very modern and stylish. Europeans take their style very seriously.
  • We always get coffee breaks! We have 1 break about every hour within a 3 hour lecture. But the Swedish student cafe uses glass mugs more than disposable cups. They are very environmentally friendly.
  • You need a student ID and pass code to enter the building. In the Florida, anyone could enter the building.
  • There is an organizer bin for not only trash, but also plastics, aluminum, and compost. In the USA, everything goes into one bin. Way to keep it organised Sweden!
  • Very clean campus…Swede’s are tidy and proper people.
  • My favorite thing: There are microwaves, sink and refrigerator on campus! Students can bring lunchboxes to school and eat a warm meal. Great for a student budget. In Florida you can only bring a cold sandwich or buy lunch.

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