Animal Facilities for Research

Hej Hej!

This week, I completed a class to give me access to the laboratory for Experimental Biomedicine (EBM). It was a two hours course directed by one of the veterinarians that works at the facility.

Although I have done benchwork before for research, this is my first job that involves working with animals. It definitely adds a whole new aspect to the work!

It was really interesting to learn a little bit about ethical treatment of the animals and how decisions regarding ethics are made with a very careful process. We also got to see all the different animals. There are mice, rats, cats, dogs, even pigs! There is a huge fenced area outside with obstacles for the dogs to play in throughout the day.


While we were in the cat hall, we were told that these cats are adopted after they are done helping with research.

It’s cool to think about how much the researchers at the University of Gothenburg are learning with the help of these animals!

*UPDATE: I had to delete the pictures. Turns out, cameras are forbidden in the facilities. Oops!

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