I took the wrong train home!

I arrived in Gothenburg last week and I have been feeling like a real local (easily finding my

Me finally on my route home!

way around the city and such) until today. Today I was able to leave class early due to an unexpected cancel of a guest speaker. So I made my way to Gothenburg Central Station and got on what I thought was my train home. I realized that it was delayed about 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time. After about 30 minutes without stopping to my usual stops, I realized I was NOT on my way home. As calmly as I could, I got up and found the nearest Swedish train employee. I explained to her my situation and she confirmed I was in fact on my way to Jönköping, a town 1.5 hours away from Gothenburg! But she was very kind and helpful and luckily spoke great English. I got directions home and found my way back.

I still have much to learn about this city, but the good news is 1. You will always find 1 or more Swedes that can speak English and 2. They are very helpful!

iPhone users: You can find the perfect travel app here! Android users: here!

7 thoughts on “I took the wrong train home!

  1. Hello. I am an American lawyer currently living in Florida. I am thinking of spending some time in Sweden. Do you have any helpful tips?

    1. Hello Nickole!

      So nice to hear from another Floridian! I certainly recommend Sweden to all people. For studying, traveling, and working. Which one of those were you thinking of doing while in Sweden? The more I know about your interests, the better tips I can give you. 🙂

  2. Ha ha! Awesome, know exactly how you feel 😀 I did the same thing in Germany, went like 20 minutes before I though “Wait a sec… this isn’t the way I usually go?”.
    Just one question… didn’t you say you were going to SFI after class…?

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