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GO International, September, 2012
GO International, September, 2012

Even if it’s a great pity for me but I have to say – that summer of 2012 is over. However the autumn of 2012 is just started and I’m sure for many of us it will be an awesome time. Just today a few of international students and expats in Gothenburg presented the very first issue of the new digital journal “GO International”, made by students and for international students.

And especially for readers of our blog I’ve decided to make a brief review of the new journal. Firstly, it’s in English, and oriented on international students. In current issue you will find an interesting overview of “the hottest” nightclubs in Gothenburg, collection of fashion tips for newcomers and, for sure, a few city gossips.

With a great interest a have read journal’s rank for the top-5 Swedish songs and films of the month. To be honest I will try to watch all suggested movies to get to know more about Swedish people through movies. Music as well as films are great sources to study foreign language also.

I also had a good laugh at top 5 most popular Swedish phrases. Even before the question “How are you?” (Hur mår du?) there is another phrase “I love you” (Jag alskar dig)… As I got to know Swedes after one year here – I would say – that it would be better not to chock Swede with confession that you are in love even before asking how he or she is ;).

Any way the journal deserves attention. I warmly suggest you to take a look on it. And I definitely can’t finish the post without congratulations to authors and without best wishes to them! Digital version of the journal could be found here.

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