The same building, the same room… but one year later

My name is Pavel. And last year I and my coursemates have started our studies in Master program in Communications. But today new students took places in the same room at the same building in Lindholmen Campus, and have started their first year at the same program. And I was one of the people taking part in the introduction meeting. It was really touching to see new faces with shining eyes, to see people starting the journey that I’m already halfway through.

I had two roles as the same time today. On the one hand I was the one of Göta Student Union representatives, and on the other – the “old” student, sharing his experience. It was undoubtedly wonderful.  And surprisingly I was a bit nervous while greeting newcomers. I felt responsibility to guide them into adventure of their new studies. I guess to be a “phadder” (a peer for new students) is an amazing chance for every person. As we discussed it today with my course mate who has already been graduated and now are about to start his new job, to be a “phadder” – is to inspire newbies for upcoming years of studies and to take some of their energy. Beginners are great source for useful feedback. Their “fresh” eye could see much more and to notice things that became familiar to others.

Isn’t it an awesome way to spend the last summer day?!

And as I told today to our newbies: “It’s up to you to make your student time unforgettable”.Introduction meeting, IT Universitetet

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