Introduction Day…Success!

Today I had my very first encounter with my classmates that I will be working with for the next two years! I was so nervous and excited before the day arrived but I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth and fun the first day turned out. I got to meet the staff and faculty of my program as well as all the students. The head of faculty began the introduction by saying, “Now I know you all have plenty of questions…and you are probably feeling very scared and nervous right now,” boy was she right! But the staff went out of their way to answer all of our questions. The school also provided a free lunch and Swedish “fika”, and then several activities for us to get to know each other. I learned that my classmates are from Finland, China, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Bangladesh and more! I am so excited to have such a diverse group, should make for some interesting class discussions. By the end of the day I was relieved to meet my new friends. But the best part of all was the celebratory mingle afterwards with wine, cheeses, and fruits! Drinking wine at school is certainly something new for me. Overall, great success!

Officially a Master’s student! Also, don’t forget to order and pick up your student ID card from you local service center here

4 thoughts on “Introduction Day…Success!

  1. Hello, I am a student at the University of San Diego and I really want to attend Grad school of Uni of Gothernburg. Unfortunately, I have had a hard time communicating (email-wise) with any official at the school to get more information. Do you have any advice on who I should contact that would respond?

    1. Hey Benjamin,
      That’s great that you want to study here! Sorry that you have been having problems. Sweden tyically has a very systematic and computerized way of admissions, so I have asked an instructor of mine whom you should get in contact with, hopefully I will have an answer for you soon.

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