Great party this weekend

Wohooo tomorrow is the last working day of the week.

I’m doing my summer internship at the moment, so I’m so jealous at all of you that are having your summer vacation already and are free most of the time.
But by working trough the week the weekends are much more special(I keep telling myself :P)
Anyhow just wanted to let you know about this GREAT! party happening this Friday.
Namely the cult pop band from Gothenburg Be the Bear (my personal favorite) are performing in Pustervik. As well as a few djs from the We are the people collective: Medlen Schneps, Emelie Bååth, Karin Sandström and Aron McFaul.

The party starts with a warm up at this very nice little shop Tjallamalla located on Södra Larmgatan 2. To attend the pre-party there you have be signed as attend for the facebook event.
The party continues then from 22h at Pustervik and the entrance price is 100:-

See you there!

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