Discover Gothenburg and the IT faculty trough blogs

Hi guys

Hope you are all enjoying your summer vacations before the next study year.
In this post I would like to recommend to you a few other blogs that you can look into and follow to discover Gothenburg’s city life, student life and the IT life! 🙂
Of course I hope you have bookmarked ‘Letters from Gothenburg’ as your first number one! 😉

1)A blog in swedish from students at the University of Gothenburg
Check out studentbloggen

2)The Crisis response lab
Crisis Response Lab is a research collective that focus on the design and use of information technology and information systems in the domain of emergency and crisis response. The lab consists of senior and junior researchers from University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.
Find the blog here

3)Sweden’s richest culture blog

4)The IT faculty student blog

Check them out!
Also check out my blog post tomorrow about how to prepare for your first study year in Gothenburg! 😉
Hej då så länge! 😉

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