Finding a place to live in Gothenburg

This is a small post concerning mainly those who just got accepted to study in Gothenburg about finding a place to live.

You might have heard it before and if you haven’t its really good to hear it now 🙂 :  Finding a place to live in Gothenburg can be really tough! Not impossible but tough and you have to plan it much in advance!

So here are a few ways to do it:

1) Register in all possible waiting lists! This includes  Boplats and SGS student accommodation. The way things work with getting a flat is getting on the waiting list and then start applying for one. Usually the people that have been queueing the most have the highest priority in getting the place they applied for.
Boplasts has also something called second hand  renting. Meaning people that already have rental right are renting their flat for a certain period of time. You can get more information here.
In the case of SGS you also have something which is called last minute flat. That means that if you really really don’t have a place to stay you contact them at the end of the month and they might have something for you!

2) If you were not that well informed about the queue system then there are two other ways to get accommodation.  One is via a web page called Blocket unfortunately only in Swedish but you can easily navigate around with a little help of Google translate. There you will see people posting about sharing flat, renting a flat or a room.
The other web page is Stydentlya where as well as like at Blocket you get a second hand contract of sharing a flat or renting a room or a flat

I think thats the only ‘official’ ways of getting a place as far as I know. Other way is of course asking around and posting notes around as well.
The extreme way is also buying a place-if you can afford it- and then selling it after you are done with your studies.

NOTE!!! Be very very careful with renting a place at a second hand contract:
1) NEVER send money to someone in sweden form abroad it can easily be a fraud as well as never give money in advance even if you are here until you have signed a contract
2) ALWAYS ask around first if the rental price is not exaggerated! Of course in a desperate situation you are willing to pay whatever just to get some place to live. In that case don’t sign a long term contract but just rent a few months till you have found something cheeper. And even in a desperate situation getting overpriced for the place you rent is not legal and allowed.

So good luck to you that are moving to Gothenburg in September! Keeping my fingers crossed you will not have a headache with finding a place and just contact me if I can help you with something!

3 thoughts on “Finding a place to live in Gothenburg

  1. Hi there! Unfortunately I didn’t read your blog earlier, so I didn’t know about the queuing system… I have sent 20 emails to advertisers on Boplats, Blocket and Studentlya but haven’t had any reactions so far, and I’m already going to Gothenburg on 25 August! Do you have any other tips or can you help me in some way? I would be really grateful!

    1. Hi Rachelle
      Unfortunately there is no other way. Keep on trying with blocket and studentlya. Also you can contact SGS about last minute apartment. I’m sending you an email with my email address. If you haven’t find a place to stay by mid August contact me and I might be able to help you out 😉
      Good luck!

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