A weekend at St.Jörgen’s spa

I had an amazing weekend!

A friend of mine invited me for a lunch at St.Jörgen’s spa park resort during the Sunday. At first I was not feeling so much like going out due to the weather but now I’m glad I did. It turn out the place is amazing and the food was such an exotic variations of flavours!

So to start with the food the dishes are mostly vegetarian/vegan and besides that organic and raw(more information about raw food). The food is simply amazing and it gives you such a great feeling! We didn’t have to pay since my friend’s friend is the main chef there, so it was a very convinient luxury 😉 But otherwise buffe cost 120:- and I really don’t think its that expencive for what you get!

Besides the amzing food the place has spa, swimming pools, golf and much else. I won’t tell you more but just recomend you to go to their web page and find out what they offer 😉

Here is the web page if you want to get more information.

P.S. The place is reachable by public transport and its is in the middle of the forest having an amzing overview of the city!

Here is a teaser from the desert we got! Muuums! 🙂

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