Building a hovercraft

This year the whole class of students in the bachelor program in Software Engineering and Management jointly developed a hovercraft.

This year’s industrial IT and embedded systems (DIT168 at University of Gothenburg) students designed and implemented a hovercraft. The project was the result of the entire class working together and developing sub-systems for the hovercraft. The course was created by Dr. Carl Magnus Olsson, who received the individual pedagogical prize at the University of Gothenburg in 2010. In addition, the course was supervised by Henrik Sandklef, who maintains Searduino, a FOSS tool for simulating Arduino boards.

Two student working with the hovercraft

Students presented the result in an external demo on May 24th, 2012 at Campus Lindholmen. The hovercraft is controlled by a mobile phone and can also be dialed and controlled remotely.

According to the course, important factors in the success of the project are defining appropriate functional and non-functional requirements, effective design, quality assurance and testing. In addition, effective integration and interaction between the teams as well as internally within each group. The project is part of the Software Engineering and Management Bachelor’s programme, which emphasizes preparing students for their future professional career through projects such as this.

Video showing how a prototype of the hovercraft works

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