Gothenburg’s Southern Archipelago

To get out of the city, temporary to forget about an exam and to enjoy the sea – was the plan for today. The perfect place to do that is Gothenburg’s Southern Archipelago. Despite it takes more than 1 h to go there from the city center, it’s really nice place at the Bohuslän coastline between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border. It consists from several small islands, with places to fish, bathe and also cycling routes. It’s rather popular place to go, especially during the weekends, but it always possible to find some privacy.To get there, you need to take tram nr.11 until Saltholmen and then to catch a ferry. The great thing that you don’t need another ticket for the ferries, they are also considered as a public transport of Gothenburg.

aaand, some pictures!

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2 thoughts on “Gothenburg’s Southern Archipelago

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