17 May in Sweden

May in Sweden full of public holidays, so we have another long weekend.Today is Ascension Day, which is celebrated on Thursday during the 6 week after Easter. As you may already know, the religious aspect of the holiday is not the main for Swedes.

To celebrate the Ascension people get up around 3-4 a.m. and meet in the forest to hear the birds singing during the sunrise. These excursions are named as “early cuckoo morning”, as now is the particular time then you can hear the cuckoo. If cuckoo comes for the West – it’s a very good sign, the North and South are not that good :). After the sunrise the groups might have a picnic, play some music and sing. What is more it is traditionally the unofficial opening of the fishing season and the Temperance Day in Sweden. Also neighboring Norway is celebrating its National Day.



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