ITU Lecture-Computers are everywhere, but can we trust them?

Time:17:00 – 18:30
Place:Science Roulette, Liseberg wheel, Liseberg, Korsvägen

Unfortunately given in swedish but worth visiting even if you know just a bit!

As part of this year’s science festival read my blog about it about it here, an interesting lecture is given by Magnus Algren from the department of applied it.

Lecture in Science Roulette, Liseberg wheel. Meet a scientist and learn something new in 15 minutes in a gondola!

Everyone knows what a computer is. Surfing to find information or just for entertainment, but how anonymous is it really? The newspapers write often about computerattacks. But what is a computer attack? How does it work? What is being done in research to detect attacks?

42 gondolas in the Liseberg wheel are filled with 42 scientists and 42 subjects. As a visitor, you never know who you will meet in the gondola you walk in. Go in as a question mark – leave like an exclamation mark!


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