24 hours in Warsaw

If you still think whether to go studying abroad or not; and you’ve created this long list of all the pros and cons, I’ll help you with at least one definite advantage – you’ll have friends all over the world.

I went home for Easter holidays and unfortunately or even fortunately my flight from Warsaw was re-scheduled, so I needed to spend the whole day there. It is amazing that I’ve friend with whom we met during Erasmus exchange who lived in Warsaw, so I just called her and we spent an amazing time walking around the city, drinking coffee and talking.

Just a few words about the city. That was my first visit to the capital of Poland, although not the last one. The center does not differ much from rest of the European capitals. However, one fact makes it really special. Warsaw was destroyed for nearly 90 percent during the World War II, so everything you see was rebuilt almost from the scratch. This renovation was so successful that in 1980s the Old town of Warsaw was added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Finally, some photos:

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