Meeting the CEO of Mitsubishi motors Europe

Well I have to tell you about this awesome thing that happened to me on my flight back from Spain.

I was flying Madrid-Dusseldorf-Gothenburg so during my first flight there was a japanese gentleman sitting next to me. Because I asked the flight attended for a vegetarian meal I think the gentleman was intrigued and we started a conversation about vegetarianism to end up talking about all different kinds of things. I found out that he is working for Mitsubishi and he is going to spend his next 3 years in Europe working for the company. He didn’t mention anything about his position in the company.

When we were parting I asked him if I can get a contact of him(firstly asking if he has a facebook page :)). He told me that he doesn’t but he said here is my card.

It was slightly dark in the plane and I didn’t look at the card until I lost him out of sight. We said bye and that it was wonderful to spend the flight together :).

Than when I entered the airport and looked at the card I saw that he was actually president and CEO of Mitsubishi motors for Europe. You can imagine the rate of my heartbeat and the surprise! I just spend the flight with and in a wonderful conversation with him.WOW!

This says alot about Japanese culture, mentality and humbleness! Hats down!

And here is the card I got!

Will definitely write him an email 🙂

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