Easter in Sweden

Sweden is definitely not the most religious country in the world, although Easter is still quite a big occasion for festivity, maybe without many its religious implication.

So, some people attending church services, but for the majority Easter is an opportunity to enjoy the long weekend and to visit their families. Many Swedes have their vacation and holiday trip during the Easter holiday. Picnics are also very popular, despite the weather might not be very good.

Also Swedes has an unique tradition for Easter: children dressed up as Easter witches, with long skirts, headscarves and red cheeks, go from house to house with their drawings in the hope of getting some sweets. Quite similar to American Halloween tradition, isn’t it? Although according to Swedish folklore, the witches fly to the Blue Mountain to meet devil during the Easter.

And, of course, it is hard to imagine Swedish Easter without traditional food and Easter colourful eggs.

Happy Easter Everyone!



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