Who represents you as a student, and protects your student rights?

You are a university student…but you are not just that…you are a bit more…

The beginning of the study year or the new term is the perfect time to reflect on your student rights and responsibilities. During our studies its very important that we take a step beyond our lectures and courses and get actually involved with opinions in the current student issues. After all, university time is part of your life in which you should try and accumulate experiences in other topics than just what your studies cover.

That’s why in this post I will briefly inform you about the student unions in the University of Gothenburg.

I hope you all know what a student union is, which student union you are a part of and what your student union is currently working with.

The University of Gothenburg has four student unions(I’m listing all of them together with links to their pages):

Göta student union – www.gota.gu.se

Shalgrenska academy student union – www.saks.gu.se

Handels student union – www.hhss.se

The Art academy student union – http://www.konstkaren.gu.se/

All these student unions represent the students in front of the different faculties individually, but together they have one voice towards the university with their common representing organ, GUS ( Gothenburg University’s Student unions) www.gus.su.se

As I don’t want to make my posts too long, this will be my first  introductory post on this topic. I encourage you to take a look at the web pages I posted and find out what your student union is, if you don’t know already, and then you can find different information on their web pages interesting for you.

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