Letters from Belin

Hello to everyone, reading to our/mine blog.

First l hope you all had a really nice Christmas time(for the ones that celebrate the Christmas, this side of 2012(so the year 2011 :)). For some of us who i.e. come from Russia, Serbia or as myself, Macedonia the Christmas time is at the start of the 2012, so yet to come :).

So as I travel to my home country to reunite with my family for the holidays, I made a quick stop in Berlin to visit some good friends that I have here and enjoy the city.

I love Berlin! Its full of life, interesting things to do and see and always full of entertainment. Till now I have just been walking around, visited the long long graffiti wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the museum of contemporary art.

I’m staying here till tomorrow, when I fly to Bulgaria and then at last Macedonia. Really looking forward to it.

Im posting some nice pictures I took over here!

So I wish u all a very happy new year. Hope 2012 will be a year of happiness, health, success and more peace in the world 🙂

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