Valhallabadet-Swimming in the cold winter

In the cold winter days when catching a cold is just around the corner, here in Gothenburg we have to take care even more of preventing that to happen.

A way to do it is of course to consume the necessary vitamins, eat healthy, but most importantly exercise!

My favorite exercise even during the winter is swimming. Its so nice to be in the water and warm up, while outside it’s minus degrees.

That’s why I would recommend Valhallabadet, to all of you that enjoy swimming. And not only swimming! In the Valhalla center you get sauna, bubble bath, solarium…The best is that as student you can get a discount price so it costs just 35kr to get in and you can stay inside as long as you want. Of course they offer monthly and year cards, and for the prices as well as open hours check their page: Valhallabadet

I’m lucky to live just 5 min from there so I visit it quite often, like i.e. today! 🙂 Now that I’m all relaxed, will do my reading and try to get trough the next week before I take my Christmas vacation.

Good week to everyone that with their last forces are going trough exams and studies!

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