University of Gothenburg

During my first weeks here the most common questions from other students were about my name, country and why I have chosen Gothenburg to study in. As the admission period for Spring 2012 still is going on, I hope this post will be helpful for someone to decide if it is worth to study here.

As I hope to work in organizations dealing with European questions, and I was particularly interested in European Studies. I have found at least four offers of such studies in Sweden in different cities. However, the programme offered by University of Gothenburg more interesting for me: as I have got my Bachelor degree in Public Administration Sciences, I was a bit scared to change a direction of studies, but the programme includes advanced theoretical background of the European Studies, so it wasn’t impossible to try something new for me.

What is more, during the studies there is a perfect possibility to put your theoretical knowledge to a practice: you could do an internship up to six month in Sweden or abroad! Other crucial reason to choose Gothenburg for studies – was Gothenburg! If you had been here before, you would totally agree with me that the city is beautiful and you will never be bored here: there plenty of place to go and things to see. Because of all mentioned reason I didn’t have any doubts which place on my ranking list should take this programme and the University.

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