Women in IT. The “DataTjej” organisation

I think that many girls will agree with me that being a women and studying IT is not so popular! 🙂 In example in our class only 10% of the students are female, which after talking with some of the girls studying other IT programs turned out to be a lot!

Therefore inspiring women to apply for computer education is really important, and even more important is to keep contact and network with girls while your study.

An important and very nice network for women in IT is “DataTjej”.

The organization has been existing for a few years now, but they have been organizing a conference in Stockholm for women in IT for about 10 years now.

Just a few days ago I was at a dinner meeting with the girls from the organization which was our first official gathering. We had a great time. Nice food, interesting exchanges of experience and a “bastu” after.

I would like to encourage all the girls within IT to join. Its a great way to network and meet new people, exchange experiences and learn something new.

Check out their web page : http://datatjej.se/

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DataTjej/241468742538826

Spread the word and invite all your friends to support the community!

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