Gala Dinner

As a team leader at Global Week, I had a privilege to attend Gala Dinner. As a location for it was chosen , the largest Science Center in Scandinavia. Guests were welcomed by a glass of sparkling wine and then the whole museum was opened for a kind of “private excursion”. Such a great feeling!

However, as my native language is Ukrainian, I was asked by organizers to welcome the former President of Ukraine – Leonid Kravchuk, who had participated  in Armageddon Averted, which, by the way, was brilliant event: the discussion about the Belovezha Accord was so insightful and informal at the same time. Well, but coming back to the Gala Dinner, the feeling when you met the former President of your country and had a chance to talk to him, is something really unforgettable.

And then we had a dinner in the hall with huge aquariums, so it seemed that you’re sitting and eating somewhere at the depth of the ocean.

Simply great evening!


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