Swedish Language

Being abroad sometimes could be hard, especially during the first months. To make your resettlement and adaptation easier I would strongly recommend to learn some Swedish, even very general background of the language would be helpful in a very beginning. Perhaps you know that almost all Swedes speak English fluently, and you could be sure that if you speak English, you will definitely survive here 🙂 However, if you go to the shop, you will see that all the names of the products are in Swedish, if you open a mailbox, you probably find some letters and advertisement  in Swedish…so, I would like to encourage you to get a background of the language just to make your staying here a bit easier. As soon as you arrive, you will have many possibilities to learn the language, but for now just remember that “tack” [tak] means “thank you”. Swedes love to say thank you for many things, so use it as much as it possible 🙂 Source: http://www.vykort.com/img-tack!-625.htm

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