Student Housing in Gothenburg (Part I)

University of Gothenburg is among the largest in Nordic countries, thus there are many students in the city and all of them are searching places to live. Indeed, it is quite tough task to find an apartment.  So, here some tips and ways to find a place to stay in.

1. SGS. It’s the name of the main company which is responsible for Student Housing in Gothenburg. As soon as you know that you have been lucky to be accepted to University of Gothenburg, make sure that the first thing you do after that is to register in SGS system. You need some documents for that, more information could be found here: Why you need to apply as quick as possible? You chances to get an apartment depends on for how long have you been registered in the system. Many people are standing in a queue for more than a year, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get an apartment sooner. Try to look for “last-minute” and “direct” offers. I have got a place in that way, just be patient and ready to spent a bit more time for searching.

2.  Boplats Göteborg. If you don’t mine to rent a room from private persons, you should defintely use Here you could post your advertisement and look at offers concerning rooms renting.

3. You also could register  here:, just find some topics about apartments in Gothenburg, some students found their places through Couch Surfing.

The next time I will tell you about Gothenburg’s living areas, some student houses and transport connection.

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