Universeum – The Largest Scandinavia’s Science Centre

It is becoming colder in Gothenburg, so it is a perfect time to move from the streets to warmer places. Visiting Science Center sounds like a boring alternative to spent time? Not at all, Universeum in Gothenbur is a great place to visit independently on you age, interests or educational field. So, today I would like to invite you to a little excursion to Universeum. It’s the largest Science Center in the whole Scandinavia. You could visit 7 different exhibitions and experience many things like feeding sharks, staying on the top of the mountain or walking in the rainforest. The entrance fee is 160 SEK (~16 euro), although you have a chance to get in for free. Twice per year Gothenburg welcomes new students with a chain of special events, which are mainly free of charge, among them – excursion to Universeum,  don’t miss a chance! Despite I am student of Social Sciences, I am a huge fan of Science Centers, and have visited some in Germany, Russia, Spain and Norway, so  I could confirm that Universeum is really worth to visit. Some proofs are right here 🙂

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