Mini Bonus Blog of the Week!: Zlatan is Ibrawhere!

After seeing Zlatan Ibrahimovic in advertisements, stamps and everywhere! I thought there won’t be anything further than that but ‘ta-chin’! I go to the faculty of Education and the name of one of the computer rooms is (10 bucks to the one that guess) : Zlatan Ibrahimovic of course!

Now look what happened, I was in the Education Faculty library some days ago and I had a bottle of water on my table that to be honest I had not paid much attention to it. At some point I stood up for going for a coffee and when I returned I found this on my bottle of water!:

ibraaaaibraaThe autograph of Zlatan Ibrahimovic!!!!! I was very surprised and excited to see this! And I was thinking when Ibra could have come to the library, maybe when I was getting my coffee, but why he didn’t wait for me? ;)

And then I saw this:

zlatanAnd I just remembered that Zlatan now is the new star of ‘Vitamin Well’, the drink, and that he put his sign in all the bottles.

So…well I’m still waiting for my autograph. Zlatan you tricked me this time!

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Where You Can Find Sharks, Dinosaurs and the Moon? In Universeum!


I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen sharks in my entire life…until I came to Gothenburg! And before seeing a moose or a reindeer I saw a shark here in the city ;).


Universeum is in simple words a scientific park where you can put in practice all the things that you have learnt in the school in the area of sciences or biology.

In this park you’ll find animals like monkeys, birds, snakes, marine animals and many more. Keep in mind that I am talking very simple when Is about animals. When I say monkeys I refer to this:


When I say birds I refer to this:


When I say marine animals I refer to this:


Well not exactly that but this:


Finding Nemo? Piece of cake in Universeum!


Universeum is divided by levels, and depending of the seasons the offer you’ll find is different also! In the fixed floors you’ll find for example a level dedicated to all of those passionate with the space. You have many activities to actually feel like an astronaut!


In other level you’ll find more physical activities. I became the spider woman! And I also rode a robot-horse.

Not enough? Can you picture yourself glued in the wall? In Universeum you can do it with a suit made of a special material! And I did it ;) (BTW if you are extra extra small for the Swedish sizes like me you can wear the kid’s suit :D )


In this place you can become an astronaut, a biologist and a kid again! So what are you waiting!?!? If you have the opportunity (tomorrow!) Go and you won’t regret ;) Is soooo much fun there!

By the way, after you been there answer me something:  Did you pressed the red button? ;)

The Coolest Swedish Glossary!

Hello everybody! This week I decided to ask international students what is their favorite word or expression in Swedish. The outcome is fantastic! And I think with this you’ll learn the most used and the coolest words in Swedish among the international community. Let’s start!

Zinie-Vietnam: ‘Jaha!’

‘Jaha’ is a word that the Swedes use oftenly to denote…well…everything! Especially to give feedback in a conversation.

For Zinnie ‘Jaha!’ is an expression that can either encourage or offend people, let’s trust that Zinnie will use it only for the first purpose ;)


Ivan-Bulgaria: ‘Älskling’

Alskling means ‘Darling’ and knowing Ivan, the crazy and at the same time lovely Bulgarian, I think he used this word more often than ‘Jaha!’.

words 98

Nora-Finland: ‘Jasså!’

In Swedish this word means something like ‘Oh yeah!’ and it’s also very common to use.

Nikki-Germany: ‘Lagom’

Well, lagom might not have an exact English translation (that would be ‘Just right’) because for Swedes this expression refers to equality and fairness in every sense! Is like a feeling that is used commonly on the table (enough food and drinks) or also can be used to describe the weather or even the height.

words64Rico-Germany: ‘Fika’

Fika as you all should know is something sweet with a coffee in a relaxing break. I’m not surprised that is Rico’s favorite word since every time that we are going out of classes his first words are: ‘Coffee anyone?’. Alejandra from Colombia agrees that this word is very much used by her. So Fika is definitely one of the favorites expressions for the international community: Viva la Fika!

words 2Aldo-Indonesia: ‘Sluta!’

Sluta means ‘stop!’ or ‘quit!’ For Aldo this word sounds just funny and yes…in Swedish we can find many funny words like the next one.

Natasha-Ukraine : ’Papegoja’

This word means ‘parrot’ and Natasha believe that is a really funny word, me too actually :D

Naza-Costa Rica: ‘Absolut!’

Absolut means absolute haha and no, Naza doesn’t like Vodka ;) .

words7Yalda-Germany: ‘Mycket bra!’

When you want to say that something is very good you say ‘Mycket bra! And for Yalda this expression is very suitable for any situation, needless to say that she is a very cheerful person, mycket bra Yalda!

words 4Orhun-Turkey: ‘Hej hej!’

This expression you use it to greet people in general and Orhun believes that this is a very enjoyable way to say ‘hello!’.

Bennedict-England: ‘Fart’

Fart means ‘fast’. What is funny there? What? What? Oh I see…

10822316_10152919676729579_773529667_nKsenia-Russia: ‘Ojojoj!’

Are you surprised? Use ‘ojojoj!’. Are you scared? Use ‘ojojoj!’. You got the meaning? ;) For ksenia this expression can mean whatever depending the situation.

Devansh-India: ‘Matkoma’

Matkoma means literally ‘food coma’ and you use it after lunch or some meal. I went to dinners prepared by Devansh and I understand why he uses this word so much! Sluta Devansh! :D

words 5Anna-Ukraine: ‘Jobbig’

This word means ‘annoying’ and Anna describe it literally like this: ‘How the hell I describe jobbiga things before I have learnt Swedish? :) ’.

And mine? My favorite word is REA that means, of course, sales. If you see ‘rea’ somewhere just go towards there immediately, if you see ‘slut rea’ you better run!

The glossary is over and I hope you enjoyed it! it was ‘absolut’ fun to do this and the outcome was ‘mycket bra!’ and now I better ‘sluta!’. (PS. Don’t follow my example in the use of Swedish expressions, ABSOLUT INTE!)

Hej då!


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Singing In The Rain! (Literally) Karaoke night in Gothenburg!

You maybe know or you might be discovering all the options that Gothenburg gives you to hang out with your friends.

Well, I might be already one year here but last weekend was my first time in the Swedish Karaoke!!!

Don’t misunderstand me! The Karaoke had all the songs in the world but also of course a good repertory of songs in Swedish.

At first I thought this would be a karaoke where a group of people have its own little ‘cabin’ and can sing and be ridiculous in private. But no…! The Swedish karaoke is not only non-private but also have a whole stage where you go and perform the songs in the way you want!

12023206_10153659714734579_89611435_nThe dynamic here is that you can easily get groupies or fans and everyone is open to have fun so you hardly will heard a ‘boo!’ (Unless you really really suck…which can be the case…but let’s pretend that not ;) – I’m kidding and you all know!)

12048504_10153659717989579_432351003_nThe biggest advice that I give you for this karaoke is to go a bit early since the queue of songs might be long. But you know what? The DJ is very polite! And he is always willing to help if you have special occasions like birthdays there ;) .

I was very surprised to see that Swedes are totally outgoing there! They are very talkative and besides everyone is with their group of friends at the end it seems like everyone is in a big group cheering for the artist ;) . There are also a lot of people that doesn’t go to sing but to dance! I saw a couple dancing ballroom the whole night even with Snoop Dog songs!

Over there you are allowed to sing whatever you wish. I saw for example two girls singing ‘Larger than Life’ of Backstreet Boys and they even had a choreography. My friends sang songs of Alanis Morissette and Tom Jones and me…I was documenting everything for the blog…you know…there’s not time to have fun while you are working…! (And besides this I have not a privileged voice we could say).

12033467_10153659717904579_227057437_nOk so what’s my conclusion of the night? My conclusion is that if you are here in Gothenburg you cannot leave the city without having visited at least once the karaoke. You’ll have fun and you’ll see another side of the Swedish people too :D .

Here is the web page of the place :

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  1. Alejandra Ossa

Little Friday in the Museum Of World Culture

We have a popular tradition in Bolivia, when is Thursday we call it ‘Little Friday’ so we are able to go for a drink or to a concert because…is (little) Friday ;)

Yesterday in our Little Friday we had a big celebration to welcome the new students in Gothenburg at the Museum of World Culture.

12033261_10153650487444579_1064278713_nThe event started at about 18:30 where the students were received with a delicious (and big) wrap, which was the start of the evening.

After that, we were invited to go and see the exhibition in the museum. ‘Playground’, an exhibition about social norms, was the one that was displayed. This exhibition raised many interesting discussions among students about daily behaviors and social patterns.

For example, what do you see in the pic below? This is an exhibition of dolls showing the women’s universal stereotypes portrayed in Barbie. In contrast, the doll on the right side is an idea of a designer that decided to challenge this stereotypes proposing a doll that actually looks like us!


Besides this interesting talks that we had there we also, of course, had games in the ‘Playground’!

We sway on a swing.


We dressed up.

12016133_10153650485109579_2040972322_oAnd we played with puzzles!


Inside the museum I was also happy to find a whole section dedicated to the Bolivian Aymara flag: the Wiphala! There were videos, important people talking about this flag (like the ambassador of Bolivia in Sweden and an anthropologist also), and a huge huge huge Wiphala flag :D. It was amazing to be able to show part of my culture to my international friends and I felt very happy to see that Swedish people is interested in my traditions.

12041740_10153650612129579_1672662281_nIt was already a really fun night full of new people, but this was not it. After the exhibition we had a DJ downstairs that played some tunes. Following this we had ‘Vita Bergen’, an indie band, that performed live for us!

12023079_10153649810429579_236447047_nWe had a lot of fun! It was an amazing night in the Museum of World Culture, and the name of the museum couldn’t be more accurate ;), only in my group we were a Dutch, a Costa Rican, a Mexican, two Greeks and a Bolivian!

12016500_10153649871804579_905690063_nWhat a night! Maybe I saw you there? ;)

Refugees Welcome!

Were you in the rally yesterday afternoon to show support for the refugees? If you weren’t I will give you an overview about what we lived.


Yesterday Gothenburg showed once more why is the ‘coolest’ city :D . In the afternoon yesterday we had the so awaited demonstration supporting the big wave of refugees that is coming to Europe. The Avenue was closed to transport, thousands of people were gathered in Götaplatsen, and even the sun didn’t miss the opportunity to show some support.


Some sources said that we were more than 10000 people gathered yesterday. Between discourses and music the afternoon was full of positive energy. Imagine so many people reunited with only one goal, it was indeed incredible to see it and live it.


I saw many people from my master programme, from my Scholarship and also professors and administrative personal of the GU.

The supporting organizations were uncountable and they kept adding more and more throughout the day. All of them were showing support through flyers, banners and posters. Also there were very creative people that instead of banners they put a little sign to their dogs or I even saw the Bananas in Pijamas walking around. Everything is valid as long as there is respect for the cause ;) .

At the end we finished with candles in the middle of Götaplatsen that symbolized the people who came to shelter from war or persecution and died on the way.


Do you think it was important to participate in this demonstration?

I do! To show some support to a global movement not only means that we are fighting for this cause but also that we are young people committed to promoting a culture of peace.

See you in the next one? ;)