Top 5 of the Hottest Upcoming Concerts and Festivals in Gothenburg

How awesome is to go to concerts! Do you agree with me?

The semester is getting over and I bet you are looking for more opportunities to gather memories with your beloved friends here in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is a city full of artistic movement and the opportunities to see live music are infinite!

I remember my first concert in Gothenburg just when the semester was getting over. I went to see The Hives in Liseberg and even if it was a small concert it was amazing!

P11304444Not only that but I also saw Roger Waters from Pink Floyd for free! :D

Just in case someone doesn’t know in Bolivia we don’t receive international artists very often ;) and maybe this is your case too. That’s why if you are here and you have the opportunity to attend a concert DO IT :D !

Here I give you a list of the hottest concerts that are coming, check it out and see you there!

1. Summerburst Festival


Go to celebrate the 5th year of this famous summer festival of Electro and House music with Avicci, Martin Garrix, DubVision and more!


June 29-30


Nya Ullevi-Göteborg

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2. Sweden Rock Festival


Do you like Rock Music? What if I tell you that Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard will be together in one outdoor festival? Not only them but many many more artists in this gender!


June 3-4-5-6


Norjebokevägen 2

29476 Sölvesborg (Not exactly in Gothenburg City but totally worth going!)

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3. Foo Fighters


Especially if you grew up in the 90’s generation as me ;) you’ll probably be really excited to see David Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana, playing in this amazing Foo Fighters Concert.

I’ll be there! Will you?


June 12



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4. Way Out West


This is another festival that gathers a bunch of awesome artists and put them in one place for you. This time be prepared to see Beck, Florence & the Machine, Pet Shop Boys and We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! Among many many more!


August 13-15



How do I get tickets?

5. Metallica

news metallica rc_2

I only have to say one word for this: ‘Metallica’ and nothing else matters right? ;)


August 22



How do I get tickets?

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The ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ # 3

Here I am again telling you my stories about my ‘Swedification’.

Yesterday I was with my international friends talking about upcoming concerts. You know I have photographic memory so it was like this:


We were talking about rock, pop and every kind of concerts that will take place in Gothenburg. So it went like this:

– Majo: Ah!!! BTW Are we going to Veronica Maggio?

– Friends: Who?

– Majo: You don’t know Veronica Maggio? Come on guys she is a really nice singer from…Sweden!!!

And that’s when I realized that I was talking about a very very Swedish artist as almost natural for me. I was surprised and almost offended because my friends didn’t know her.

Once again the ‘Sweedness’ reached majo ;)

Veronica Maggio ‘jag kommer’ to see you!!!


VERO*For those who doesn’t know who is she ;) :

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On rain and bad weather…

Hope you enjoyed past sunny days, because Gothenburg is showing its true face again! But who  would be discouraged by a little rain, we all love Gothenburg undoubtedly, right?! This is a little plea for rain and bad weather. Because what is better than waking up in the morning, while rain drops are beating against your window and dim light is gently pushing through the clouds…You´re slowly drinking your coffee while you watching new day waking up together with you. And then you finally leave your home and you get big strong kiss of wind and rain, which say “Go get them, tiger!”.

“One must know the so-called ‘lesson of a downpour.’ A man, caught in a sudden rain en route, dashes along the road not to get wet or drenched. Once one takes it for granted that in rain he naturally gets wet, he can be in a tranquil frame of mind even when soaked to the skin. This lesson applies to everything.”
Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Photo by Anni Casati aka @annipomodorino

In the evening, when you come back home after very long day, the same sound of rain drops against windows is calming you down and eventually putting you to sleep. So tell me, what´s not to love about bad weather?

PS: It´s seems it´s gonna be a sunny day today! You never know what Gothenburg is planning for you…:)

PPS: I am also adding my personal soundtrack for rainy evenings…

Why I Love My Backpack?

Who doesn’t like to travel? Well…I think I have in me a larger dose of the normal wish to travel, but maybe you are like me!

Gothenburg is a city that is well connected with other European countries and you’ll be amazed to see how many different destinies you can visit.

If you plan your trip well in advance and choose your routes wisely you’ll learn how to travel cheap and fun!

Is already May and it seems that time is running out so why not share with your friends the opportunity to get to know new places, cultures and stories?

With that in mind, this last months were special for me because I was traveling to a lot of places that I strongly recommend to visit with your group of friends or with that special person ;).

These are three easy destinations that fit in one backpack! Take a look :D

1. Copenhagen-Denmark

Copenhagen is an easy destiny for us living In Gothenburg. You can find cheap buses from 300 SEK (go and return) and the hotel is about 250 SEK per night.

In this fabulous city, personally ranked as one of my favorite ones in Europe, you will find a chill environment nice for walking, visiting museums and meeting new people.

Three days is a decent number of days to visit this city and its attractions. My favorite activities were Nyhavn, the Copenhagen Guinness World Records Museum and of course the little mermaid (that because of the comments that I have heard I thought it was way more smaller!).


2. Oslo-Norway

Oslo is a really nice destination when is about short trips. Why? Because it is close and easy to discover since the transport and streets have the same dynamic as Sweden.

In this city you will find nice activities to do like for example visiting the Frogner Park that is a public place full of human statues (Vigelandsanlegget) ) as well as fountains and bridges. You can also visit the Vikings Ships Museum or the Royal Palace.

With a budget of 500 SEK (bus and hostel) you can go have an awesome weekend full of adventures here! But just one advice, the prices in Oslo can be really high so if you want you can take your own food and drinks with you and save some money ;) .


3. Paris-France

Paris, the city of love is definitely now one of my favorite cities in Europe. We have a nice connection with Paris since RyanAir is traveling there from 150SEK (one way). Also the hostels are about 20 euros per night but the food and activities are a bit expensive.

In Paris you’ll have the opportunity to see the famous Eiffel Tower, the Museum of Louvre (with the Mona Lisa) and Notre Dame church among uncountable other places to visit.

Because of the accessibility, a short trip of (3-4 days) is possible, and if you don’t get lost too much (as me :P ) you’ll discover amazing places around every corner of this beautiful city.


As you see, Gothenburg is a city from which you can take your backpack, jump into an adventure and discover amazing places that you will save in your mind, in your heart and in your Instagram ;). Do you dare?

On Hanami at Botaniska Trädgården…

I spent lovely afternoon at Botaniska Trädgården today and celebrated Hanami!


Cherry-trees in Botaniska Trädgården!

Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying blossoming cherry trees when people gather under the cherry trees and having a picnic and parties until nightfall…Plenty of people gathered today at Botaniska Trädgården to see different shows or just hang out in this beautiful park. I meet with my friends in front of the garden and we slowly walked through the park.

Fang against the sky...

Fang against the sky…

Unfortunately we missed most of the show, but I didn´t mind that much, since I´ve already seen it last year. There were still a few groups practicing different Asian martial arts  and people dressed in traditional Japanese costumes walking around. Of course all those hard-core fans of Japanese culture couldn´t miss event like this, so fair amount of cosplay buffs meet there as well. In the end it was really colorful mixture of people! Botaniska Trädgården is mostly about flora of course, so you had chance to learn something about dozens of different trees and flowers from Japan.  For a while we walk with the crowd, but eventually we took some smaller side-paths until we got up to the high rock where we basked in the sun while eating and enjoying the view. I hope you all had a great time as I did, and those who weren´t there today should definitely visit it soon! Good thing is, it won´t be as crowded as it was today so you will have chance to find some quite place and time to admire the beauty around you!

All the best,


PS: Next weekend , if the weather allows, I am planning a two-days hiking trip, which I´ll share with you…

The ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ #2

In the ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ I will narrate stories about me surprisingly getting Swedish customs without even noticing!

In the first ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ I talked about the ‘Last cookie’, you can see it here ;)

This time is as it follows. I was talking with my friends about visiting Botaniska on Wednesday because, as you probably noticed already, it is spring in Gothenburg!

We set the time Wednesday at 15:00, when suddenly I pronounced the words: ‘Oh sorry I can’t! I have booked the laundry at 15:00!’ After five minutes of silence I just noticed that that’s the most Swedish reason for not going somewhere or doing something! In the Swedish culture the laundry times are sacred, don’t you ever use someone else’s laundry time or you will be dead…soon! (Just Kidding). But really, be extremely aware that Swedes have an intrinsic law about the laundry times and no one should interrupt this bounding moment between them and their clothes ;) . Guess what, someone is acquiring this custom…me!