Gothenburg by boat :D

Hej hej guys!!! So the week is over ! TGIF!!!! :D but I have good news for you. The fun is not over at all!! Remember that this weekend is free entrance at Liseberg !!! You should definitely go!

P1200440Actually today I wanna tell you about the boat tour I took today with 85 other students of Gothenburg!!I could summarize it in a sentence: It was amazing! but I think you deserve a little more since I saw many sad faces going back without getting a spot on the boat :(


First of all, for future years I want to warn you that even before 3 the spots were almost over! So make sure you go with a loooot of time ahead to make sure you actually make it to the boat!


As I imagined and told you before, this new perspective of Gothenburg from the water is completely different and stunning! All nice faces out the boat stare at you and wave back with happy faces enjoying the end of the sunny days in Sweden. Swedes might be distant people but they never deny you a smile when you take the first step :) !!


Besides beautiful it was an adventurous and dangerous trip, where if you do not pay attention you might get your head lost in some of the bridges :O !! No need to fear! We are all alive thanks to our lovely guide and driver.


I think that we were at a V.I. P boat because we even had a dancing show included! Yes yes, you heard well. We had the chance to see beautiful Swedish girls dancing just for us. We sang swedish songs and answer a quiz according to the information we heard over the trip. The surprises are never done, there was a price for who answer most of the questions right :) !!! Guess what ? We got one ! :D


So I think that at the end of the week there is nothing more to do than to thank all the people who worked to make all these activities possible. They made sure everything worked for us. They got us in touch with our new home. I think they deserve the biggest thanks for all the hard work and perfect organization! Specially for the warm welcoming to our new home: Gothenburg! So, THANK YOU organizers and sponsors for an amazing week !

Vi ses snart,

Naza :D

Art mingle!

Hej hej !! I came by today to share with you one more of the activities the city has been planning this week for all of us: students in Gothenburg!

I visited yesterday the museum of art and Göteborgs Konsthall. We enjoyed of 2 different guided tours. The first tour was through an exposition that tried to combine Nature and Culture using different concepts of art and society. The second tour showed us different master pieces that are conserved at the Museum as unique pieces.


Besides of getting to know Swedish artists, history and famous art pieces that represent Gotheburg’s life; we had the chance to admire paintings from famous and recognized artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh. Also there was the chance to take your own home. Of course not the famous one ;) !! but a nice picture to decorate your new room!


This was not all. You had the chance to explore your own imagination and creativity. The exhibitions counted with workshops to explore your artistic side. I hope you created your own master piece :D . There was also the possibility to express yourself through words. There were some papers asking your opinion about the experience at the museum. Either you expressed your artistic self by craft or writing, I hope you liked it.


The mixture of art and fun was all around the “Art Mingle”. At the end you could mix all your intellectual self with the sportive one and have a ping pong battle in the middle of the museum.


I wish you are all having a lot of fun this week!

Vi ses snart,


Gothenburg by bike !

Hej hej guys !! Did you enjoy the Bike tour today ?? I did for sure! If you could not make it today. Remember that there is another one on Thursday! Same place, same time. You just need to book it!


It was 3 H of fun and 13 stops of knowledge. A very enthusiastic group, full of friendly faces and a very caring guide. Starting in the main street of Gothenburg up to the main square: Götaplatsen. I recommend you this tour because besides of getting to know Gothenburg by seeing it. You have the chance to listen interesting facts of the history, which for me makes it even better.


We visited the faculty of Humanities and biked down to Körsvagen. Where we heard stories about Liseberg, Universerum and the constant changing exhibitions of the museum. Did you know that by getting into Gothenburg’s History museum once and by keeping the ticket you can enter other cultural facilities with the same ticket? Also, if you keep this ticket you can visit the museum next year without paying a fee :D (according to our guide ;) I cannot promised the veracity of it ) but he has been living here longer than us, so perhaps he knows better ;) . We can just try it out :)!!!


From there we biked down to Scandinavium and up to the square Gustaf Adolf, the founder of Gothenburg. Where we listen about the beginning of Gothenburg as a city. We got a deserved rest outside the beautiful Opera House. Our hosts made sure we had a bag we food and information enough to make it through the trip.


Going to the last stage of the trip! Biking to järntorget ( the Iron Square) and up to Slottskogen (biggest park in Gothenburg). Following to Haga and some universities buildings like Handels and the main building in Vasaplatsen. We reached our final stop and tired but completely satisfied head back to our encounter point. Where you could return your helmets and your bikes. Remember that you can buy the bike they lend to you!


P.S. Remember that the week is not over and more exiting events are waiting for you in Gothenburg!!

Vi ses snart,

Naza :D

5 things to do in your first weeks

Seeing everyone’s updates all over Facebook about being back in GBG, it got me thinking about all the amazing times I had in my first weeks. So I decided to make a little checklist for your newbies, of all the things you should definitely do in your first few weeks:

1. Visit the Islands! Enjoy them while the weather is still amazing and hop on the next ferry to visit the islands of Archipelago! For little inspiration, see my post here.

2. Join a GISA event – especially in the first weeks, there is loads of great events with the International students association (I hope you all know it by now, if not check it here right now!) that will introduce you to the city, culture and let you meet loads of other international students. Make sure you join for the kick off party, International dinner and the City Challenge…the day we won is still one of my favorite memories.

3. Attend an Olof party. In case you don’t live in Olof, you definitely need to make some friends who do – You will definitely meet loads of them in GISA events!. Olof is like a big student village with loads of international students so the pre- parties are always a great fun, as well as their endless BBQs and dinner meet ups!

4. Have an afterwork! Happy hour and free food on Friday after school? Thats what I’m talking about! If you need some help with finding the right place for your taste, my Afterwork guide might help you :)

5. Find your favorite Fika spot! I think you understood it by now – it’s all about the coffee, cakes and good company in here! So find your favorite spot for this nice tradition! From my favourite, I would suggest:
– Cafe Berlin in Vasagatan for cool interior and cheap coffee
– Cafe Krynglan in Haga for the best cakes, Sunday waffles and a very cosy atmosphere
– Way Cup in Domkyrkan for early breakfast, nice soups and a good place to work
– Da Matteo (i.e. in Magasinsgatan area) because you did not live in GBG if you’ve never been to Da Matteo…it’s a fact.

Good luck and don’t forget to take the best of your first weeks!!
Puss och kram,

How does Gothenburg welcome us!!?!!

Hej Hej guys !!! I hope that you had a great time at the awesome concert outside the Opera house in Gothenburg. If you miss it, here is some evidence of how good it was :)


It might had a slow start. However, many international students were there from the beginning to do not miss a thing. Starting the warming up of the concert with some Dj´s and the warm words of the speakers on stage. I hope you got inspired by people who, like you! chose to build a future in Gothenburg and are now proud and happy with their decision.



Sandra Mosh

Of course the organizers let the best for the end. As 8:30pm was approaching the space at the Opera square was getting full of people. Swedes and internationals join to listen a very famous Swedish band: Hoffmaestro. Who created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the night until the end!


I think for most of us was a relieve when he finally switched to english ;) . Otherwise, it could have been maybe hard to follow the funny dynamics during the concert. Which, by the way, I hope you did not get hurt while participating ;).


Also, I hope that you got some of his advices. As a summary for the ones who missed the concert and skipping some not appropriate words for this blog ;) : DO not be scared of the new beginning you are facing now in Gothenburg. Do not stay aside, get involved and enjoy every moment of the beauty of college life. Remember college is a thing you live only once, you are young only once. So GO OUT and actually live your college life.

Specially in a city like Gothenburg where you have this kind of opportunities to enrich your years of study.

REMEMBER!!! Tomorrow the bike tour :) if you don´t find space for tomorrow, try on Thursday but do not miss it :) !!! Art mingle on Wednesday and Boat on Friday! See you there !!!


Vi ses snart,

Naza :D

DO NOT miss the welcome week!!!!

Hej Hej guys !! I hope you are all getting settle in Gothenburg!

I want to let you know about the exiting week coming up! Thanks to the collaboration between the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers, GFS and Go:teborg &CO you will be able to enjoy a very busy and entertaining week. Remember this purple card in your welcome kit? You had better kept it with you and use it to get to know Gothenburg and have fun with friends!


Starting on Monday September 15th do not miss the Welcome concert. Let the music welcome you to your new home! The concert will take place at Kanaltorget by the Opera house ( closest tram stop: Lilla Bommen). This event will take place from 6 to 10 pm!! I will leave you here the artists and some web sites. So you can check which ones are of your best interest :) or just go and enjoy the whole concert :D!!!

18:00 Etzia (Reggae and Dancehall)

19:00 Goteborgs student radio

           Svea skivgarde

and speakers from the sponsors!

19:30 Sandra Mosh (Dj, house, electro music)

20:30 Hoffmaestro: Described as a musical melting pot in itself, so discover what s about them in the concert!

Guys make sure you make it to the concert ! and have a good night rest because the week is just starting :)

ON TUESDAY 16th and THURSDAY 18th get to know Gothenburg by bike! Meet the team at Bältespännarparken at 16:00. Either you have your own bike or you need to borrow one just put your shoes on and go. The team will have used bikes available for the ones who do not own one. Remember that you should REGISTER! at before MONDAY 15!!! So go go register now I assure you, you will meet new fun friends and have a great time :) !!!

Are you an art person? or are you just looking for a different way to spend your afternoon? Then, join the Art Mingle on WEDNESDAY 17th of September. Visit The Gothenburg Museum of art and Goteborgs konsthall in Götaplatsen from 17:00 to 19:00. Enjoy of a different and unique afternoon with your new friends :)

The fun is not over! FRIDAY September 19th . Do not miss the Free exclusive boat tour through the canal in Gothenburg. It will not be an ordinary tour since the organizers have planned some fun activities for you to enjoy in the boat! Very important ! This event is First come, first served! Be sure you will be early enough there are 85 spots available :)!!!! SO remember! Friday at 16:00 in Kungsportsplatsen, do not miss this opportunity to see a different perspective of Gothenburg!

So guys there are more activities in this purpple card. Check them and write them down in your calendar. I will highly recommend you to visit Liseberg, Universerum and the Opera. This card helped me and my friends to have so much fun and different experiences in Gothenburg last year! Take advantage of it. If you do not have one, go to your closest Service center and ask for one!


These activities are for all the students in Gothenburg, not only Erasmus or GU students. Invite your friends and enjoy the hard work of the organizers!!

 Vi ses snart,

Naza :D