My first camping :O !!

Even though Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden, it is not hard at all to find a peaceful spot to camp. Allmansrätten, or “Every Man’s Right”, is a famous law in Sweden which allow people to camp in the countryside and wild places. For me to experience my first camping in Gothenburg has been an amazing experience.

During your trip you can see many many places to choose and camp but you gotta find the one that fits you :) . We made our camp close to a big and beautiful lake outside Gothenburg.


It was a very quiet place, where the only noise that reach your ears would be birds and frogs. Almost no one was around. The weather so warm and bright that make you wanna jump into the lake as soon as you get there.

There are plenty of things to do when you are out of the city. First of all, to forget about being on line and any kind of connection to the world. You will be surprised from the calm that being “off line” will bring you . The forest in Sweden are quite different from the tropical forest back home but not less beautiful. So, take your hiking shoes and explore the surroundings of your camp. Only you and your thoughts ( be careful not to get lost ;) )!!!


When camping, not all is fun, there is work to do. Build up your tent on your favorite spot, make sure you will wake up with a perfect view ! Prepare some barbeque or fire to make a comfy dinner in the middle of the forest. Enjoy to sit and eat on the floor surrounded by nature and your dearest friends.


The fun is not done after dinner. With the long hours of brightness in Sweden you can have a loooong day to go back to the lake, built a fire, play some games or read your favorite book in the middle of nowhere. However, it would get colder and it is time to sit around the fire and share some candies and scary stories ~.~ !!!


I hope you have a comfortable and warm night in your tent :) and that any mosquito get inside :O I can assure you that the feeling of waking up in the nature, with a perfect view, fresh air and any noise will make anything worth it!!


So guys this was my first camping experience and I would definitely do it again. It doesn t matter if you stay one day or one week, just enjoy the different environment and appreciate the beauty around you! I hope you find your perfect spot and have an amazing camping experience as I did !!

Remember to keep the place as clean as you found it or cleaner!!


Vi ses snart!!!

Naza :D

Best student friendly spots for Swedish food!

Every time I have someone to visit me, they always ask to try some Swedish cuisine and traditional food. So after a year, I am bringing the best of my hunt for student budget friendly spots for Swedish food seekers!

1. Café du Nord


Well, of course first thing that comes to one’s mind when you say Sweden is meatballs. This place was introduced to me by my friend Dani and it was actually one of the first meatballs I had in Sweden (apart from well…IKEA, how classic).
The place is located very conveniently on Kungsportsplatsen, with a price way lower than any other place around. The inside is not that amazing but they have a lovely outside bit with a nice view. The meatballs are massive, so 4 of them is definitely enough for one!


2. Bar Noba

This is by far my favourite spot in Gothenburg…I just love everything about this place: from the concept, interior design, food and cheap beer.
In terms of food, they have more variety of Nordic cuisine in form of Swedish tapas – I highly recommend the smoked salmon in a bread roll with horse radish…It is just too good to be true.
The place is super cosy in winter with their fur and open fire places and has a nice open terrace in summer. Definitely worth a visit.
I wish I had taken more pictures, but every time I’m there, I am enjoying my visit too much to think about pictures :) But you can check their instagram page to get the idea !

Do you know any other places that should be included here? Let me know!

Puss och kram,


Slottsskogen has infinite kind of pronunciations when you hear it from an international but of course only one meaning. The one I came to know quite late, so here I ll leave you the English meaning. Next time when a Swede explain it to you; you can already say that you know ;) or maybe sound interesting to your friends when visiting the park ;)

Slotts= Castle ; Skogen= Forest

Slottsskogen is 137 hectares of fun and good times. If you are in Gothenburg wondering what to do and how to have a good time. I will recommend you to visit this park. You can easily spend your day there. In the middle of the city but somehow apart from it. There are many things to do and see at Slottsskogen.


Always better with friends “”!!!

Just go for a walk and visit the zoo. Yes you heard well, there is a zoo in the park!! Where you can see the funny seals swimming or walk ahead to the pretty and adorable penguins. Go up the hill and find the stunning moose. This year we had the opportunity to see the growing of a baby moose <3 !!! These are my favorite animals to visit and I have to admit that just to see the penguins would make my day ;) … Anyway you can go on and visit: horses, goats, peacock, deer, sheep and some more!

Penguins !! :D

Penguins !! :D



If you are tired after visiting all these amazing animals. There are plenty of places to sit and relax all around the park. Some of them with amazing views and others close to the lake. You just choose a spot and enjoy the weather. It might be surprising for u as it was for me, that Swedes actually sunbathing at the park, so it might look more like a beach. Don t be shy and join them! Get tan while having picnic or bbq!


Ready to go ? Ok, what about some Minigolf? For 70kr per person you can have a relaxing game of golf with your friends. It is more fun than it looks. Dont think about it and just try it out! Maybe you are the kind of person who likes a more active sport. If you keep walking after the penguins, you will find a volley ball court, also playground for football, softball and frisbee. There is a playground for children as well. Rent a bike or play soccer in the middle of the park. No excuses to stay sit!



Wearing a dress is also NOT a excuse ;)

Wearing a dress is also NOT a excuse ;)

After such a productive day, you may want to rest for a bit. There is no need to leave the park to do it. There are some cafes around, with good service and splendid views of the lake. So as Swedes say: Go for a Fika :) !!!

I hope you have the chance to visit such a beautiful park and have as good times as I had in there :) !!!  Enjoy your summer !!!


Vi ses snart !!

Naza :D

Happy Midsummer!

Last Friday was the magic Midsummer day that everyone has been talking about for weeks! It is supposed to be the longest day of the year – after that day the days will slowly begin to be shorter and shorter again. It is another beautiful holiday that show the warmer side of Swedes – they happily gather around, braid flower crowns and dance around a big stick like frogs. Literally.

It is mainly very family oriented holiday so we gathered all the people that create our “family” here in Sweden and decided to visit a public celebration in the Slottsskogen park. 


Even though half of our household was Swedish that day, it happened to be my responsibility to prepare the Midsummer menu (under Hanna’s supervision of course):

roasted new potatoes, smoked salmon, sour cream with chives (the famous Midsummer gräslök) and variety of herring. Accompanied with some wine and bubbly, it was the perfect menu for our picnic in Slottsskogen!


We picked the flowers and leaves and braided our very own Midsummer flower crowns, listened to live traditional Swedish music and some of us even joined the typical dance.

IMG_3415 IMG_3422

We finished the day in an open air party in the Delsjön lake where we danced and welcomed the morning sun…by morning I mean around 4 am where the sun rises here in Sweden now. And it really was beautiful. 


Puss och kram,

Lucia :)

First year of my Master: DONE!

I actually can’t believe that the first year of my Master is done! It was an amazing ride with loads of ups and downs, especially in the last days of our final project when we pretty much moved inside our studio and challenged the boundaries of how much can a group of four girls do in a week. However, the moment we saw that smile on our client’s face after our final presentation, we knew it was all worth it.


Thinking back about this academic year (they teach you to reflect here a lot), I can happily conclude it was better than I could have ever imagined: even though it was sometimes very hard and tiring, I fell in love with my university and realized Business & Design is definitely something I want to do in my future. I’ve met some really amazing people in my class that made everyday school life pretty extraordinary. I visited the Design week in Shanghai, worked with designers and the city of Gothenburg in developing our campus, designed a new branding strategy for a Swedish company, experienced the real life of working in a design consultancy and learnt how to cope with being out of my comfort zone. And finally, I got a fringe (highly personal moment of my Gothenburg life).

IMG_2906 IMG_3127

I got rid off of all the prejudices I ever heard about Swedish people and discovered that they are a great bunch of people with a life attitude that we should all learn a bit from. I embraced the Swedish minimalism, appreciation for the environment and your well-being, respect for the others and the importance of equality and having a time for a cake. I successfully survived the winter and discovered the charm of the (literally) endless Swedish summer. And the fact that everything tastes better with a bit of dill or cinnamon. 


Tomorrow is mid summer – the oldest Swedish tradition that everyone has been talking about for ages now. So I can’t wait to experience it for the first time, in our usual way: starting with waffles, Hanna making traditional Swedish celebration food (potatoes, eggs and salmon all the way) and then meeting up with my international family and our Swedish friends to celebrate it all together. And, of course, me writing about it couple of days later :)

To sum up: So far, so good…or better say: so far, better than imagined!
Puss och kram!


Where to catch the best sunset in GBG

I think Sweden is surely becoming one of my favourite countries to be during summer. All of sudden, the days are so long and so bright and there is so much to do in Gothenburg – it definitely is a summer city!

The last thing you want to do is to be sat somewhere inside during the evenings so we started to look for some outside evening social activities: and catching the sunset above Gothenburg has become one of my favourites.

Here are my two favourite spots (and the fact that they are both located in a walking distance from my house is just a pure coincidence :) )

1. Masthuggskyrkan


It is pretty much a church located on top of a big hill of Gothenburg. However when you climb up that hill (by that I mean 10 stairs), you will find yourself on top of Gothenburg with  stunning views all over Majorna, Hissingen, the sea and the city centre. The relief of the mountain is perfect for picnics, bbqs or just casual hang outs around!


2. Henriksberg


If you want something “less nature”, Henriksberg is a good shout. Located just below the Masthuggskyrkan, it is a very chilled bar with a rooftop terrace with the most amazing view, located on the riverside. They have nice food and very good price for beer! Sometimes they charge entry fee for the terrace during Friday/Saturday, but it is usually free during the week.


How to get to both locations: trams 3,9,11 and the stop is Stigberstorget.

Have a great summer in GBG!

Puss och kram,