What to do tonight?

Hej guys I hope you had a great Easter break and enjoyed the nice weather in Gothenburg!!

I have noticed that we have talked a lot about what to do with this beautiful weather during the day. However, I thought that you should have some tips about night life in Gothenburg, which is, by the way, very active. We know Gothenburg as an University city buuut we cannot stay at the library whole day right? ;) When night falls there are plenty of things to do and places to visit. What is really good about living in an active city as Gothenburg is that it does not matter which day of the week it is, there is always something to do.

So Let s start the week :) ! Ooohhh Dear Mondays!!  I have good news for you. Even on Monday night you can have some fun. Some of my friends use to go to a bar called PUSTERVIK, very close to Järntorget. On Monday nights you can have a good time playing Ping pong in teams and beating your friends up. Even if you are not good at it, you can give it a shot and have some fun while learning. Or why not? watch your friends competing between each other and tell them later how competitive and focus the looked ;) .


In PUSTERVIK you can also enjoy of some concerts; as in Tuesdays nights and others. We usually visit a nice pub with afterwork if we wanna hang out during the week. Lilla London is a nice choice in the middle of the Aveny with a very nice environment. You can vary every Tuesday night participating in the different Music quiz around the pubs in the city.

What about Wednesdays?? Wednesday night is like getting ready for the weekend. Many people go out but take into account that trams and busses do not run as long as in weekends. Most of my friends head straight to Handels Pub. Since we are not from the faculty we can enter after 10 pm and sometimes there will be a long long line, so be on time ;) . The party is not yet over. After closing the pub around mid night, most people will head to YA-KIDA. You can enter for free before 11 pm. Also, if you have a FREEDOM card you can go for free before 12pm.


I will actually recommend you to get the freedom card if you dont bother to hang out in the same bars often. You can get this card every beginning of the semester in Handelsskolan and it cost around 200 SEK. You can have free entrance in some clubs like YAKIDA and Sticky Fingers, as well as, some discounts in stores like 7/11.


Back to the week. Where were we? Thursday no? What I like to do on Thursdays is to get a Latin night. Maybe you would like to try some free bachata lessons in LUST a nice Chilean bar close to Jarntorget. People are really nice and friendly. You can spend your night there as well, practicing what you learned. Or  you can change to Henrisberg, two stops away and for 60 SEK have a Latin night. I am sure you will find other stuff to do around like karaoke and so on but dont blame me ;) it is how I fight homesickness :).

Latin night out

                  Latin night !! At Rio Rio and Calor.

Finally weekend !!! Friday and Saturday nights are the nights to party in Gothenburg. You will see long lines in SystemBolaget so go with time if you need it. I would say that the most famous clubs to go out in the city would be Valand, Excet and Park Lane. If you are not in the mood to pay the “nice” (notice my sarcasm) entrance fee. Some student residences have a Pub, and hold a party now and then which are a good option as well. On Saturday nights the same clubs are famous but the top floor of Sticky Fingers is always an option on our table. Since we can enter for free before mid-night with the freedom card and they have nice music and different environments. Downstairs they have live bands and rock music and upstairs you can dance with the DJ of the weekend. Of course I have to tell you about the Latin options because they are my favorites. Rio- Rio has a good deal on Fridays, Afterwork, salsa lessons and entrance to the club all together and Saturday nights dance you feet off till 5 am. Calor would be more for Caribbean taste :).

Park Lane, Toga Party, Olof Pizzeria, Valand

Park Lane, Toga Party, Olof Pizzeria, Valand.

Do you want to relax on Sunday? So you can. Swedes do not really party on Sundays but you will always find some pubs open and crowded like the always famous Kings head. I like to go dancing salsa at GU book store 9 to 10 30 pm. Best suggestion to spend your hangover Sunday is cheap pizza and music quiz at Kelly’s.

So guys I know this is a long post… uff Im tired and want to party now just from writing it ;) but you know fun is not something you can summarize. So I hope this will help you to find a way to spend your night and free your mind from school work. Remember to go back to the library sometimes ;)

Vi ses snart,

Naza :D

P.S. This link will tell you everything that is happening in Gtg the date you want :)



Glad påsk!

translation in English: Happy Easter!

I think Easter in Gothenburg this year was even better than Christmas (and they do go a bit over the top with Christmas:). The weather was absolutely amazing – apparently we got what they consider as the Swedish summer a bit earlier! Plus, Easter is another great excuse to eat endless portions of chocolate eggs, haring and smoked salmon…I mean what is not to love.

We decided to take the most out of the sunshine and planned a little picnic by the lake Delsjön, not far away from Korsvagen. And there, we discovered a whole new side of Gothenburg: BBQ, picnics, everyone in bikini catching the first rays of sun, some even swimming in the lake and the beautiful Swedish nature everywhere…Making us all forget about the university work for a moment and enjoy the holidays. And all it took was 5 minutes ride with the tram 5 and a little walk through the forest (did I mention they’ve got horses over there?)


We tried the water (still a bit too cold for us from the continent), had a nice picnic, walked around the forests around and just enjoyed our life in Sweden!

10258057_10152359355930140_6844174697664806365_n 10252064_10152359357465140_1051012878219238609_n

And thanks to my friend Dani, I also have some nice pictures catching the atmosphere to share with you:)  

10265321_10152359356890140_5153702493974515518_o lake 10250262_10152359356600140_3044647808289767537_n

And to catch the sunset, I joined my friend Malin on the rooftop terrace of her student building (SGS treats its residents well:) for some Easter eggs and dinner consisting of smoked salmon, haring, eggs and potatoes with sour cream. Delicious! 


This was my first time celebrating Easter outside my home, and so far, I think I can have Swedish Pask everyday!

Puss och kram!

Art in the harbour

This weekend was an open day in Roda Sten: an area for modern art in Gothenburg in the harbour in Majorna. It is a beautiful seaside area with that old industrial feeling, artists’ studios, gallery and loads of cafes.


Even though it was rather windy next to the sea, we still had a very nice time, walking around various ateliers, the main exhibition (that was inside thankfully) and admiring  beautiful industrial building.


To warm ourselves up, we stopped in the cafe that is situated inside a little boat in the main harbor. The cafe itself was quite nice but due to the wind, the boat was moving a lot, sometimes making us feeling a bit sick. The food itself was not great either – coffee was ok with unlimited refills, but all the cakes were half frozen and didn’t taste that nice. Which was quite a pity because I really liked the idea of a boat cafe. 


We wrapped up the day by going to Pustervik and listening to some local bands playing, each for 15 minutes. The concert itself was dedicated to one of the band members who died earlier this year so the atmosphere was quite emotional yet somehow beautiful. 

How to get to Roda Sten:
Röda Sten konsthall
Röda Sten 1
414 51 Göteborg
trams 9 or 3 – stop Jaegerdorffsplatsen
website: http://www.rodasten.com/index.php/en/home

Puss och kram,

8 Things I missed about Gothenburg

Few days ago, I came back from a week trip back home. It was amazing to see all my family and friends again, waking up knowing there will be milk in the fridge and not having to think in English for a while. However, as I was walking down the streets where I grew up, I realised that there were a lot of things that I was starting to miss. And, of course, all Gothenburg related.

1. My flatmates

I have to admit I have been very very lucky for finding and moving in with Hanna and Olartia. Very soon, they have become my Swedish family that knows me more than anyone else. After living together for almost 6 months, our lives have become pretty much synchronized and we are very used to each other’s presence and company. Back home, my mornings were suddenly unusually quiet without Olartia’s “pero bueno!”, Hanna’s morning face making endless cups of ecological coffee and Swedish radio/casual Spanish male artist playing in the background.

2. HDK – my university
I never thought I would say so, but I actually really missed my uni. There is just something very magical about that building that made me miss its atmosphere. As we spend A LOT of time in there, it has become more than just a classroom where you go for couple of hours and leave. By now, for me it is something between office, cafe where I get my daily sugar fix, random art gallery, lunch spot with my classmates and a place where I have a dialogue with my tutors. Yes, we do have lectures there every now and then, but it is all very informal and more of a ‘let’s discuss this topic over a cup of coffee’ kind of thing.

3. My classmates

And speaking of uni, of course they come with it. It is only 20 of us, we have our own studio where we constantly work together on group projects, have lunches and just generally hang out and talk about life. It is usually 5 days a week so one gets pretty used to seeing them everyday.

4. Afterwork catch-up

It is a lovely Swedish thing that we turned into a tradition with my ‘International family’. We were put together in the same buddy group at the beginning of the year and we kind of sticked together ever since (apart from some members who left us as they returned back to their home countries…sad part of having exchange friends living on the other side of the world). As we all have different degrees and things to do in life in general, Friday after work is the time when we can all meet again to catch up with everyone’s gossips and celebrate the fact that it’s Friday.

5. Swedish food
Living with Hanna, cooking and eating like a Swede has become part of my daily routine. Coming back home, I was very confused where was my crispy bread, weekly fish dish, licorice sweets and of course, where was my Marabou?!

6. Fysiken
I think none of my friends would ever imagine me saying that I miss going to the gym. But the healthy Swedish lifestyle caught me as well and I joined Fysiken in February (after a slight peer-pressure from my classmates….but I am very thankful for that now). And I have to admit, I kind of missed our Body Balance sessions with Flaminia.

7. Fika
Or better say, it is always cake time! In Sweden, you are having cake just because you are having coffee as well. No more reason needed. And you don’t even feel guilty because everyone else is having one as well. Can we please make this a worldwide thing? Tack se mycket.

8. Swedish language
I am still ashamed of the little Swedish I have learnt so far…I know it is largely my fault because I just gave up very quickly (mainly because literally everyone speaks English). However, there is something very calming about being sat in the tram, having people speaking all around you and not being able to understand a word. Same goes with the adverts. It just stops disturbing you and feels kind of good. 


What are your favourite things in Gothenburg??

Puss och kram,

A legendary Saunaparty

One highlight of my stay here was the “Saunaparty”. Our friends who are studying at Chalmers reserved the Chalmers Sauna & dormitories. The place is at a lake in Härryda 45 minutes by bus (+20 minutes of walking) outside the city. Luckily we had the most sunny weather one could imagine, so at first we sat at the lake quite some time doing nothing but being amazed by that awesome view. :) After our bbq/dinner we went into the sauna and to cool down jumped- or in my case walked slowly- straight into the cold lake. I did this at least 4 times in a row- it was really refreshing. A great end for this day was the cosy get-together/party in the main house. :)

This was a really cool experience! Maybe you know a Chalmersstudent, who could book this place so you can organize a legendary Saunaparty as well. ;) I hope you enjoy reading my post,


Basic Tips ;) in Gothenburg!

While being in Sweden there are 3 things that you will learn and do whatever you want or  not! These things are: Fika, Afterwork and exercise.

You will  learn to immediately relate Sweden with Fika. I told you at the beginning that you will very soon find out what it is! Well, this is the time then!

Fika is a custom that many countries have. You know, a coffee in the middle of the afternoon chatting with friends. However, is not the same in Sweden, since here is not always in the middle of the afternoon but every time you got 10 minutes of free time :)  No wonder why Sweden is one of the first Coffee consumers in the world now.  Fika is a very nice tradition and something you cannot escape from when being here. You will find yourself organizing them and meeting friends for fika so often that you will wonder if you spend more money on Fikas or grocery shopping ;) . It is wonderful time to meet and mingle with friends. Especially now, with the days getting longer and brighter is super nice to spend the afternoon sitting in a cozy cafe in Haga. Good luck getting a shinny spot! no matter how many coffee shops Haga has, they are all crowded. However, I recommend you to wait for your turn and enjoy a lovely fika in one of the most beautiful streets of Gothenburg!


Haga at night with a beautiful Japanese in the middle. 

I had no idea that “after work” will mean something before coming to Sweden. Well, now I do have a definition for it: Fridays afternoon! After-work is also a very Swedish custom. All the pubs in the city will have this on Friday afternoons; others will have a more modest one in week days. After work consist of an open buffet, where you pay for your drink and can eat as much as you want. Students loveee this!! and will fill the pubs quite soon. There are some bars that are more popular within international students such as Kings Head and Babar. You will always meet someone you know here and they will be probably one of the first you go when arriving to Gothenburg. Some of them have age limit and are more popular between Swedes, like Hard Rock cafe and Yakida. Anyway, no matter the pub you go, try it out with your friends. Enjoy of a cheap meal with nice drink and perfect company!


pic from http://www.aveny.se

Swedes might not be the most religious people in the world but there is something that replace the dedication of a religion and it is exercise! A French friend said to me once “In Sweden you gotta go to the gym,  exercise is like a religion here”. I found it funny but it is true! It does not matter how cold it gets there will always be someone jogging. Gyms are everywhere and I haven t met anyone who is not register in one. Bad news for me since I hate gyms! If you are like me,  Gothenburg has amazing parks to jog and walk, so I can enjoy the fresh air of a long walk with my friends and maybe try the gym in the middle of the park :O! This is for parents but it was really tempting ;) . In winter you can try out the wide variety of classes at the gym and ignore the ugly machines :D.


Ok guys! I hope you enjoy learning how to afterwork, fika and exercise while being in Gothenburg! You are in a new country so dont be scared to try new things and enjoy as much as you can :*

Vi ses snart,

Naza :D